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Growing in grace, walking by faith, serving in love.

St. John's has a rich history, beginning in 1895.

Some early pictures of St. John's...

Founding as an Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augustana Synod.

Beginning of the ministry of Peter Fair. He was to serve the congregation until his death in 1931 (making him the longest serving pastor up to 2000).

Beginning of services in a new church building that the congregation had built on 11th Avenue in Helena.

Reaching financial independence. Up to this point in time, the congregation had been receiving financial aid as a mission church of the synod.

Beginning of services in the new church building that the congregation had built on Helena Ave. in downtown Helena.

Joining with the Lutheran Church of America (LCA).

Beginning of the Bethel Series. This was a Bible study program that involved over 60% of the adult members of the congregation.

Beginning of a refugee program. The congregation officially sponsored and cared for 4 Lao families and helped care for two additional families.

Making the church building barrier free and handicapped accessible; an elevator was installed, along with ramps and a new handicapped bathroom facility.

Also the year of the beginning of Stephen’s Ministry Program – an outreach program of Christian caregiving.

Joining with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Repairing the roof of the church and ceiling of the sanctuary. This was a major remodeling and redecorating project. Also added to the sanctuary were new pew pads, ceiling fans, and a state-of-the-art sound system.

Commemorating in a year-long celebration for the 100 years of life together as a congregational family.

Repaired the exterior walls of the church. Thirty-eight well-worn wood framed windows were replaced with new vinyl-framed windows. All the exterior walls were painted, and a new gold-lettered sign was installed above the church’s front entrance. The front entrance pillars were also upgraded and refaced.

The Balcom and Vaughn Pipe Organ (which had been purchased in 1969) was restored and enhanced.

The 50-year old church mission was revisited, enhanced, upgrading and rewritten for the new millennium. The exterior landscaping was redesigned and replanted; new floor coverings, phone system and lighting were installed. A new electronic control & programming system was installed for the Carillon Bells; the boiler was rebuilt.

Lazy Green ParkLazy Green Park

Another interesting historical entity about St. John's involves the park across the street from the church--"Lazy Green Park" as it is now known has a past that includes the gracious efforts of St. John's council and congregation.  

Click here to read about "Lazy Green Park."

Click on this link for a list of all our pastors to date...

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