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Lazy Green Park

Did you know the “Lazy Green Park” property was deeded to the HelenLazy Green Parka School District from St. John’s on November 30, 1983? I did because I drafted the deed giving it to the school district.

St. John’s had been using it as a parking lot, but on Sunday mornings when we all arrived at church, we found it littered with cigarette butts and empty beer bottles and cans. The city told St. John’s that it was the responsibility of St. John’s to keep it clean and to maintain it. It was a large parking lot and understandably, not many people wanted to help clean up after the Saturday night “revelers!”

A man by the name of Christian Green, who was teaching at Helena Middle School at the time thought that such a gift to the school district was an excellent idea, and we were able to get St. John’s Church Council to concur. I was still practicing law then, so I elected to include a clause in the deed whereby the ownership of the property would revert back to St. John’s if it was ever used by the district for any other purpose than as a park for the youth of the middle school. As the President of the Church Council at that time, the deed was signed by the late Barbara Buda.

As you can see, the school district has been very diligent in caring for the “old parking lot” now known as “Lazy Green Park” and why St. John’s is able to use it for functions such as the “Brunch on the Lawn!” Clearly, our friendship with Helena Middle School continues to be honored and to grow. Now that you know its history, may we also continue to appreciate it as we look forward to many more “brunches on the lawn” in the future.

Respectfully submitted by

Ada Harlen

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